Services: What We Do

ConsultingWhere offers a wide range of consulting, research and training services in many industry sectors delivered by experts with a wealth of practical experience of evaluating, planning and implementing simple web applications to large enterprise scale systems.

International Development

We share our knowledge and expertise to support a better world, helping aid organisation and countries make the most of technology.

Business Consultancy

We explain the latest buzz words and help you build future-proof strategies to support your business goals.

Technical Consultancy

Technology is rapidly changing, we help design future proof solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.


We delve into the detail and provide you with the proof needed to make better informed decisions.

Answering The Question “Where”? It’s Important To Your Business

“Where?” underpins many of the important decisions a business makes. From finding new customers to optimising your supply-chain, location matters to the bottom line. Contact us to find out how “where” can help your business.