Location Market Survey 2020



1000 hrs






The Location Market Survey reports:

  • Financial Segmentation
  • Sectoral growth prospects
  • Competitive landscape
  • Technology trends
  • Global economic impacts
  • Recruitment patterns

Key Takeaways

Our research estimates the size of the supply-side UK market for location information products and services at £2,080 Million.

Revenue between our last survey in mid-2017 and the end of 2019 shows a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12%.

This growth is stimulated largely by increased revenues in existing companies, many of the larger players showing double digit year on year increases in revenue over the period. However, there are an increasing number of new entrants exploiting a wide range of use cases. Although their revenues are currently relatively small there are large opportunities in sectors such as financial services, defence and construction for them to thrive in well-defined niches.

For the first time, we have also estimated demand-side value i.e. the wider economic impact of geospatial in generating additional revenue and facilitating cost savings elsewhere in the economy. We calculate the current value added by the location industry at between £10 Billion and £15 Billion per annum.

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