International Development

We apply our extensive experience in the application of geospatial technologies in advanced economies to the International Development sphere. 

Programme Implementation

Our success in providing strategic and technical consultancy to the International Development sector is based on our appreciation of how issues of poverty and disease affect programme implementation and the complexities of the donor environment.

Key areas in which we provide specialist support are the integration of GIS as a programmatic tool for research, monitoring and evaluation; information management at both the national and programme level; and the implementation and assessment of spatial data infrastructures.

Integrating GIS into Systems and Processes

Integration of GIS into monitoring and management information systems and processes allows  for the capture of the spatial element of routine data, for example the locations that a public health outreach programme covers during its operation.

Our expertise in the available systems and understanding of the processes required to properly exploit geospatial technology means we are well placed to advise on the best way to geo-enable future or existing systems.

What We Offer

Business Consultancy

We explain the latest buzz words and help you build future-proof strategies to support your business goals.


We delve into the detail and provide you with the proof needed to make better informed decisions.

Technical Consultancy

Technology is rapidly changing, we help design future proof solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.