Technical Consultancy

We specialise in those areas where we can add real value, helping to avoid costly pitfalls and ensuring technical solutions are well designed and engineered. 

Our experience can cut through needless jargon to define strategies and processes that both managers and technical staff can buy into.

Enterprise Architecture

Defining the geospatial capability in terms of the information, processes, people and technology required as part of the overall enterprise architecture.

Geospatial Capability Assessment

Capturing the state of an organisation’s geospatial capability and helping it to identify potential benefits including cost savings, process improvements and training needs.

Data Audits

Conducting data audits and compiling data inventories to assist organisations in understanding the assets they have and ensuring that they are maximising the efficiencies that can flow from exploitation of the data asset and also open data.

Our Approach

Tailored to your needs, we are equally happy to help with short initial review assignments or more in-depth analyses. Without the overheads of larger business consultancies we are able to deliver exceptional value for money on either a time limited or fixed fee basis.

What We Offer

Business Consultancy

We explain the latest buzz words and help you build future-proof strategies to support your business goals.


We delve into the detail and provide you with the proof needed to make better informed decisions.

International Development

We share our knowledge and expertise to support a better world, helping aid organisation and countries make the most of technology.