John Kedar

John Kedar is a versatile and pragmatic director-level geospatial professional with 25 years international experience in implementing geospatial approaches to decision-making. Experience has been developed through a wide range of appointments in government, including in high-pressure environments such as Afghanistan, through major charitable Board vice-chairmanship and within Ordnance Survey, UK’s national geospatial data agency.

John has directed and managed a US$35m pa government geospatial organisation, developed Government geospatial policy and strategic direction and has played a key role in furthering UK global geospatial reputation. A ‘geospatial’ champion he advises governments across the World at ministerial and senior executive level, including land/geospatial agency chief executives. As a thought leader he stimulates new thinking, has been core to the development of the United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework which is being adopted globally, and regularly chairs and speaks at major international conferences.

With strong belief in the ‘Power of Where?’, he brings an in depth understanding on how geospatial knowledge enables social, economic and environmental benefits. His strategic advice incorporates his experience and the United Nations Integrated Geospatial Information Framework, providing a multi-facetted approach to realising these benefits. Working from strategic to operational, governance to delivery, his brings vision, insightfulness, commitment, consensus building and communication.