Senior Associate

Andy Wells

  • Business strategy Development
  • Product strategy and development
  • Operational implementation of geospatial intelligence
  • Sales management performance and structure support
  • Mentoring, training and development
  • Market and route to market analysis


Andy is a highly motivated, focused and enthusiastic individual with over 25 years’ experience of leadership, business development, change management and strategy. 

He focuses on providing a range of consultancy services to organisations looking to grow, restructure, build routes to market, create sales teams / processes and ultimately, drive performance. Previously, Andy has held Director-level positions for 16 years across three companies. With a long history of creating successful teams to generate significant growth, he has business experience within 20+ markets across 15+ countries. 

Andy relies on his ability to rapidly analyse data / information, understand situations and people to quickly identify key challenges that require solutions. Driven by openness, honesty and professionalism at all times, his fundamental value derives from a focus on problem solving, performance and people. Articulate and engaging, he enjoys working within a team towards a common goal, whilst being clear on individual performance and expectation. 

He combines a strong ability to grasp technical knowledge, a core understanding of requirements capture, experience in project / programme management, training, quality and corporate strategy. His technical capability and knowledge is especially strong around the use of geospatial and satellite technology to meet business and government challenges.