EuroGeographics: European Location Framework (ELF) Business Case

MannionDaniels: Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) Strengthening in Somalia Case Study

Objective The project was to establish the business case for long-term sustainability of this European Union funded project which aims to harmonise data from all National Mapping organisations across Europe. Project Description Cost-benefit analysis based on the gradual availability of products from the countries participation in ELF over a 5 year period was modelled.  The […]

Danish Geodata Agency (GST): Specification for Benefits Realisation Study

Danish Geodata Agency Case Study

The project involves consultancy to the Danish Geodata Agency (GST)  in developing the specification for a benefits realisation study. This is in the context of Denmark’s initiative for open basic data under which all geospatial base data has been made free at the point of use. The benefits realisation study will establish the economic baseline […]