The value of Danish address data: Social benefits from the 2002 agreement on procuring address data etc. free of charge (2010)


The Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority (DECA), who is responsible for road names and addresses in Denmark, commissioned a study to analyse the benefits associated with the Danish free of charge agreement of 2002. The conclusion of the study was that the direct financial benefits from the agreement for society in the period 2005-2009 amounted to around EUR 62 million (DKK 471 million). Until 2009 the total costs of the agreement were around EUR 2 million.

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On the basis of the figures for address-data utilisation, COWI concluded that the direct benefits of free-of-charge data for the five years 2005-2009 were estimated to be at about EUR 62 million. On the basis of the PDS data distributors’ expectations of 10% growth in 2010, the value of free-of-charge data for the current year was estimated at EUR 14 million. As mentioned above, the total costs of the agreement were about EUR 2 million for the years until 2009. The study estimated that in 2010 the costs would be about EUR 0.2 million.

The assessment also includes the savings made because enterprises no longer have to use resources to enter into agreements with municipalities on procurement, rights and data import. Similarly, municipalities’ savings from no longer having to deal with negotiations, agreements and deliveries of data have also been included in the calculation of the benefits. These savings have been calculated at about EUR 5 million from 2005-2009.



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Infrastructure (Transport), Public Safety and Security, Disaster Risk Management, Real Estate and Land Administration, Public Sector Local Government, Public Sector Central Government