The value of augmented GNSS in Australia: An overview of the economic and social benefits (2013)


Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to constellations of satellites that provide a signal that enables users to determine their position anywhere outdoors. Augmentation services (augmented GNSS), which provide greater accuracy and reliability to the signal, are delivering significant economic benefits in several key sectors of the economy, as well as environmental, safety and other social benefits. Further adoption of augmented GNSS services by industry, and new thinking about how to apply them, offers the promise of further economic and social benefits in the future.

This report provides an overview of economic and social benefits, experience, and prospects for the use of augmented GNSS in agriculture, mining, construction, utilities, surveying and land management, road transport, rail, maritime, and aviation activities.

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Quantifiable impacts

Augmented GNSS services have delivered economic benefits to Australian industry through improvements in productivity and more efficient use of resources.  On the basis of these findings it is estimated that:

  • By 2012 Australia’s real GDP was between AUD 2.28 billion and AUD 3.72 billion higher than it would have otherwise been without the accumulated productivity improvements arising from augmented GNSS.
  • By 2020 our projections are that real GDP could be between AUD 7.83 billion and AUD 13.72 billion higher than it would otherwise have been.


The largest impacts have arisen in the agriculture, mining, construction, surveying and land management, utilities and road transport and handling areas. The higher outcomes projected in 2020 assume wider coverage of augmentation services and include some speculative applications in the high case.



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Computable General Equilibrium Model

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Water, Infrastructure (Transport), Infrastructure (Energy), Disaster Risk Management, Retail, Agriculture