Precise positioning services in the Utilities sector (2013)


The report provides an estimate of the economic and social benefits of the use of augmented positioning services in the utilities sector with advances in communications, technology, greater satellite coverage from space based and ground-based augmentation resulting in wider cover.

Geographical scope


Non-quantified impacts

Augmented GNSS contributes significantly to the productivity and competitiveness of the utilities sector. It is used in conjunction with geographic information systems to construct, monitor and manage network assets, manage faults, maintain systems and forecast demand. This produces lower development costs and more efficient asset management.

Further improvements in productivity are expected as the technology is adopted more widely across industry and as more innovative applications emerge.

An important benefit of improved asset management is less disruption to the community, business and the environment when work is undertaken on maintenance and replacement of these services.

Quantifiable impacts

Output from the utilities sector is estimated to have been between AUD 50 million and AUD 81 million higher as a result of the use of augmented GNSS in asset management and maintenance. With further adoption in asset mapping and control systems, this could increase to between AUD 173 million and AUD 305 million by 2020.



Study type

Industry consultation, case studies, publicly available economic information and technical advice from experts in precise positioning applications

Economy sector

Water, Infrastructure (Energy)