Ordnance Survey Ireland (2014)


The study titled ‘Assessment of the Economic Value of the Geospatial Information Industry in Ireland’ looked at the value added to the Irish economy, the number of jobs generated by the GI industry, and the savings delivered by that industry to the public sector. The project was undertaken by Indecon, an Irish-based economic analysis company, results were published in February 2014.

Geographical scope


Non-quantified impacts


Quantifiable impacts

The first section of the report assesses the direct supply-side contribution to the economy, using market survey results and interviews with experts, as follows:

  • Revenue from sales of GI related products/services of EUR 117.5 million
  • Total value of exports of GI products/services of EUR 18.9 million
  • Number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees 1,677
  • Expenditure on wages and salaries of EUR 84.4 million
  • Expenditures by suppliers of geospatial information on non-labour inputs of EUR 48.2m


The above was used to estimate a gross value added for the sector in Ireland to be EUR 69.3m.

The second section of the report attempts to quantify the demand-side impacts. It identifies significant or very significant benefits arising from using GI and potential externalities from a market survey, as follows:

  • Public and private sector cost savings: estimated public sector cost savings at EUR 82 million per annum
  • Economic value of journey time savings
  • Private cars: EUR 94.26 million per annum
  • Commercial vehicles: EUR 185.81 million per annum
  • Benefits to consumers of intensifying competition: estimated at EUR 78m – EUR 130m per annum
  • Wider impacts on innovation: not quantified



Study type

Market Survey, Expert Interviews, Multiplier calculation

Economy sector

Infrastructure (Transport), Finance, Real Estate and Land Administration, Public Sector Central Government