Digital innovation (2018)


The study estimates that digital innovation can deliver AUD 315 billion in gross economic value to Australia over the next decade, making it a critical ingredient in the nation’s ongoing economic success. The economic opportunity is great. However, there is a risk Australia will not fully realise it. New analysis shows that in the past, aside from some pockets of success, Australia has failed to capture the same economic value from digital innovation as other countries. The productivity gain from technology in the Australian economy has been below that of its peers, and the country has not managed to build its own digital industries at the same scale.

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Non-quantified impacts

The next wave of digital innovation will be driven by technologies that collect, manage, analyses and use large amounts of data. These big data technologies are set to transform a wide range of industries from mining to agriculture and health – much like personal computers and the internet have transformed the retail, information, and media sectors over the past two decades. Australian businesses will become more productive if they adopt these new technologies.

  1. Australia can focus its digital innovation activity in areas of existing competitiveness
  2. Australia can build on its R&D strengths and boost firms’ use of innovation to improve its global competitiveness
  3. Data61 can support national efforts to strengthen Australian competitiveness in digital innovation

Quantifiable impacts

See figure below for the breakdown of high potential for Australia’s digital innovation.

Eight high potential opportunities for Australia in digital innovation Together represent an 85-155B dollar regional market by 2028



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Market potential

Economy sector

Infrastructure (ICT), Public Safety and Security, Retail, Agriculture