Assessing the value of TfL’s open data and digital partnerships (2017)


With over 31 million journeys made in London every day, it is vital that people have the right travel information readily available to help them. An independent review established the changes that occurred when Transport for London (TfL) made its data available to the public. This report sets out the findings of the review, including the positive outcomes delivered to customers, road users, businesses and TfL itself. It estimates the size of these benefits and identifies further wider benefits that are not yet measurable. Findings include:

  1. Publishing open data creates a virtuous circle that benefits those using and delivering transport networks in the Capital.
  2. The release of open data by TfL is generating annual economic benefits and savings of up to GBP 130 million for travellers, London and TfL itself.
  3. TfL’s open data can also contribute to improving societal outcomes, encourage innovation and the wider environment.
  4. TfL now has an opportunity to use its lead in open data to explore new commercial avenues and use data in more innovative ways to improve the customer experience and support wider Mayoral objectives.

Geographical scope

Regional: London, United Kingdom

Non-quantified impacts

  • Transport Open data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone can support operational service improvements, the development of new customer facing products and services, increase transparency and innovation and challenge existing ways of working.
  • 42% of Londoners use an app powered by TfL data and 83% use its website with similar data: this benefits all transport users in the Capital, TfL itself, and supports London’s economic agenda.
  • The use of open data can also change behaviours and position London and the UK to take advantage of new commercial opportunities.
  • TfL can continue to release more open data and work with partners for mutual gain to better exploit it and stimulate the development of future services to improve the customer.

Quantifiable impacts

  • TfL open data that supports 42% of travel apps and real-time alerts used by Londoners is saving GBP 70m-GBP 95m pa in saved time, reduced uncertainty and lower information costs
  • The release of open data by TfL has supported the growth of London’s Tech economy to the value of GBP 14m pa in GVA and over 700 jobs



Study type

Willingness to Pay (WTP) and expert opinion

Economy sector

Infrastructure (Transport)