NSDI: ConsultingWhere Wins Contract For IGIF Development

Methodology used by the World Bank to operationalise and implement the IGIF.

ConsultingWhere Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has secured a contract with Statens Kartverk, through a competitive tendering process, to provide support in the development of long-term implementation plans for National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI) to four of their cooperation partners.  The objective is to accelerate NSDI development in Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine […]

Andy Coote discussing the Location Market Survey with Steven Feldman

Andy Coote, geo industry veteran and ConsultingWhere Director was recently interviewed by Steven Feldman; the following Geomob podcast discusses ConsultingWhere’s recently released 2020 edition of the Location Market Survey, a comprehensive review of the UK’s location intelligence industry.

Applying Value Chain Techniques to Economic Assessment of 3D Geo-information

Andrew Coote, Chief Executive of ConsultingWhere Ltd, recently took part in an ESIP (Earth Science Information Partners) Webinar. An overview of the event was given as: “The Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data, Information, and Applications”, we explore the concepts behind the transference and usage of data and tools (information pathway) as they move between suppliers […]

£4 return on every £1 spent on council address and street information

ConsultingWhere was recently commissioned by GeoPlace, a public sector limited liability partnership between the LGA and Ordnance Survey, to research the cost/benefit evaluation of the impact of address and street data across England and Wales.  An article written for Geoconnexion detailing the project outline and methodology can be found here.

ConsultingWhere Assists AGI with Autonomous Vehicles Foresight Report

ConsultingWhere Senior Consultant Philip Knight has contributed a paper on the future of Autonomous Vehicles to the recently published Association of Geographic Information foresight report. Philip has been producing research on the implications of autonomous vehicle technology on the automotive industry since December 2014. For this, his most recent publication, he consulted with the Bristol […]

GeoPlace commission large scale economic study

GeoPlace LLP have commissioned ConsultingWhere to carry out a significant study examining the return on investment in address and street data for local authorities. ConsultingWhere will be examining the costs and the benefits of the address and street data local authorities create under statute.  The team will also be examining the onward benefits for other […]

Crypto-Cadastre: is the future of land administration written in The Blockchain?

In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto[1] published a paper[2] on the cryptography mailing list metzdowd.com[3] describing a method for preventing double-spend of digital currencies using digital signatures, peer-to-peer networks and a concept called ‘proof-of-work’. His idea resulted in the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, market capitalisation at time of writing $4.2 Billion USD[4]. The success of Bitcoin generated a slew of imitators […]

Automated Vehicles: why the GI industry should be paying attention

The development of autonomous vehicles has received considerable attention in the technology press lately. So far this hasn’t translated into a lot of interest from the geospatial sector, despite this emerging technology’s reliance on geographic data. This article examines self-driving cars from the perspective of the geospatial industry, it examines the technology’s requirements for hugely […]